I'm Andrew Foulkes, founder of Vintage Whatnots. The business was created out of my love for all things old, a passion shared by my wife, Laura. Our home is full of an eclectic mix of quirky items, similar to what you'll find for sale here on the website, and at the many fairs we attend throughout the year. 

I'm fortunate that I have been able to turn my passion into my work, and I love nothing more than seeing an item going off to its new home, where it can continue its own life story, adding to the history it has already seen. 

Discovering a new piece, and musing about where it has been, and what it has seen is all part of the joy of being a dealer in vintage and antique items. 

I aim to bring to you a wide ranging selection of curios, furniture and art from all over the world, pieces that all have their own story to tell.  

I hope you enjoy the website, and the items Vintage Whatnots brings to you, whether you are here to buy or just to peruse. 

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Vintage Whatnots 


Andrew Foulkes - Vintage Whatnots - Northern Quarter, Manchester